Export installation with pivots and motorpumps

Project description

In Mauritania, our Client asked us to create an irrigated area for 1000 hectare dedicated to rice production and cereals.

What we did

We first design implementation possibilities to help our customer in his choices. He chose to begin with 300 hectars of pivot irrigation, and to install flooded rice production in the other fields. As a specialist of civil works, our client managed by his own all infrastructure including subsoiled pipes and accessories.

Project details :

  • Design of the irrigation system
  • Study of the expected performances (hydraulic, energy and maintenance performances)
  • Motor pump groups + Mixed groups
  • Installation of 6 pivots, covering 65 hectares each, 390 hectares at total.
  • Ferti-irrigation system
  • Supply of spare parts for maintenance
  • Installation on site, management and training of the Client’s teams


After an installation carried out in difficult conditions (without water or electricity), the technical team of our Client is trained and autonomous in the use and maintenance of the equipment in place. The low pressure irrigation system is functional and operational.

Tags: Pivot and laterals – Pumping units and inverters – Large fields