Solutions and Equipment

We design your custom irrigation system

Soverdi designs, manufactures and installs custom irrigation systems for all type of crops or agricultural production. Our technical team realizes on-site installation in France and abroad.

Solutions and Equipment

Customized irrigation systems

We manufacture, adapt or modify all the equipments and components that will be part of your customized irrigation system. From steel, stainless steel, aluminium or polyethylene we are in capacity to produce adapting parts or specific fittings to fit with your installation conditions.

On-site installation

Our technical team realizes on-site installation, commissioning and tests, with client team training.
Connecting parts and specific components will be produce on site or in our production workshop.

Soverdi chantier

Hose reel systems

Pivots and lateral move

Sprinkler system

Drip irrigation

Remote Control




All type of crops production

Large Fields

Vegetable production




Sport Fields, large landscapes

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