About us

The Soverdi Company

Soverdi is a French family business company, established since 1983 and dedicated to irrigation, pumping and filtration projects for agriculture. Focused on water savings, energy optimization or conservation, and remote control, we build customized solutions to increase yields.

Our vision

Soverdi is a benchmark for irrigation systems conception through its ability to produce irrigation designs and projects allowing water savings and energy savings. We take into account the different uses of water, soil types, immediate and long-term cultivation plans, field conditions, and we also take into consideration how your technical team will be in condition to manage the new system.

Equipment selection

The equipment choice and therefore of the right partners is a key element, which conditions the success of an irrigation system. This is why we put all our attention in the selection of reliable partners, producing high performance equipment, in a long-term relationship.


We are working on development and research programs for new solutions and for sustainable agriculture. Connected probes, remote management, frequency inverters, irrigation dosis per m² according to soil mapping, predictive systems, GPS positioning, remote control and remote management of irrigation dosis… Whatever your needs and your type of crop, Soverdi offers you a up to date and scalable equipment to increase and secure your yields.


Soverdi in a few key dates


Creation of Soverdi in Verdun-sur-Garonne.


Launch of Itren, our subsidiary specialized in water treatment.


Opening of Soverdi 40 in the Landes at Saint-Paul-Lès-Dax.


Opening of Soverdi 33 in Mios, Gironde.


Opening of Soverdi 31 in Noe, Haute-Garonne.