Lateral move irrigation system with pumping unit

Project description

In Romania, our client is dedicated to large fields and vegetable production. He asked us to define, design and install an irrigation system for approx. 680 hectares.

Installation Description

Our mission has consisted first in the design and selection of solution after on-site meetings. And secondly by the installation of the selected equipment and solution. Phasis description:

  • Design and definition of the expected performances (hydraulic, energy, labor, uniformity…)
  • Field design and implementation (topographic and bathymetric surveys)
  • Surface pumping station with inverter
  • Installation of a low pressure irrigation system consisting in 6 laterals with 6 wheel karts
  • Installation of a remote management and monitoring system
  • Supply of spare parts for maintenance
  • Manufacture of manifolds, suction and connection accessories
  • On-site installation, management and training of the customer’s team


Our customer’s technical team is trained and autonomous in the use and maintenance of the installed equipment. The low-pressure irrigation system generates operating savings in water, energy and labor, and provides smooth irrigation. With the remote management and control solution installed, our client has immediate and global view of the status of all the equipment, including GPS positioning. He also have the capacity to start, stop, or remotely modify at distance all the parameters.

Tags: Pumping units and inverters – Workshop production – Remote monitoring and control – Large fields – Vegetable production