Collective Pumping Unit refurbishment and upgrade

Project description

Our client manages a collective pumping unit for 25 farmers in a very sloppy area. He wanted to refurbish and upgrade his pumps and control components.

Installation description

We have installed 2 new pumping units with inverters, flowmeters, pressure management, custom steel manifolds diam 500 with accessories. Each pump provides variable flow and pressure with maximum individual performances of 220m3/h at 25 bars.

We have upgraded 1 existing pump to maintain it as a safety solution.


The 2 new pumps have dramatically reduced the energy consumption with better flow and pressure availability and response.

1 old pump is maintained as a backup. The control panel is simplified and includes remote control. It allows to easily check operating conditions and to collect flow, pressure and supply consumption data.

Tags: Pumping units and inverters – Workshop production – Remote monitoring and control