Design and manufacture of pumping units on rafts

Project description

In order to secure the water supply of irrigation canals, our Client wished a removable and mobile equipment that could follow the variations of the river levels. He also wanted to be able to install the rafts in the canals during winter to facilitate drainage operations.

What we did

We have designed and manufactured 3 modular rafts in galvanized steel. These rafts can be hung together. As we talk about a large river with a lot of flow, the rafts are equipped with a breakwater to remove any floating debris carried by the current.
Each raft contains 2 pumps to generate a pumping capacity of 2000m3/h per raft. Flexible discharge pipes on floats are installed from the rafts to the bank. Mobile galvanized steel pipes are installed onto the shore to the canals to carry the water.

Electrical supply is provided from mobile control boxes installed onto the shore.

The rafts are equipped with navigation lights and maintenance lightning. The rafts, pumps, pipes and accessories are dismountable and stored in a shed outside the irrigation period.


Our client’s technical teams are autonomous and trained. The performances are judged excellent (higher than we the old system that consisted in a surface pumping unit onto the shore). The installation and connection time for a raft with its accessories (including pipes) is about 4 hours. The system is adapted to the required operating conditions.

Tags: Pumping units and inverters – Workshop production – Large fields