Off season maintenance for pivots – 5 points to check to avoid breakdowns during peak season

Off season maintenance for pivots – 5 points to check to avoid breakdowns during peak season 1198 673 Soverdi

Preparing the pivot irrigation season

During the weeks before the irrigation season, farmers have a lot to do. Cultivation, seeds, tractors control, irrigation equipment control…. A lot of things to do in very little time.  But your pivot needs to be ready when you need to irrigate. We therefore present you the essential maintenance in a checklist of 5 points.

Checklist of what to check on your pivots :

  1. End Gun and gun areas
    If your system is equipped with an end gun, control the condition and good working order of the whole tubing part, and the solenoid valve (visual and electrical control). Pay attention to birds damage on tubing or fittings during winter. control electrical valve opening and closing.
  2. Drive train
    Remember to control the tire pressure and the tires condition, more particularly for the tires located at the last towers. Drain water at the gearboxes, refill with correct oil, and check U-joints for wear.  are no leaks.  Inspect the motor switches.
  3. Sprinklers
    Take the time to check the entire system. Look for missing or damaged sprinklers. Some nozzles may be clogged. Contact your supplier to see if they can be repaired or if they need to be replaced. Obviously, if the nozzles are malfunctioning, it will impact the performance of the irrigation system. Also consider the condition of the plug drains on towers. Each drain should be replaced every 10,000 hours, or after 10 years.
  4. Pivot point
    Evan Carlson, a Lindsay technician, says this is the most important component to check regularly: grease the pivot point. “A pivot point without grease will bind the center structure to the head weld. A pivot point should be greased every year or every 1000 hours of working.
  5. Electrical installation
    To check the condition of the electrical installation, turn the system on and control the good working of the pivot in both directions. Do not hesitate to contact your supplier for technical support. If your pivot is equipped with a commutator, also consider checking the condition of the coals, cleaning them and removing cobwebs from the tracks.

To begin with, a simple visual inspection can ensure in a general way that the system is in good working conditions… A very simple operation, but one operation that avoids headaches during the peak season!

Source Lindsay Corporation