Humanitarian mission for safe drinking water insatllation Cambodia

Humanitarian mission for safe drinking water insatllation Cambodia 1198 673 Soverdi

Soverdi had been involved in a humanitarian mission to bring safe and fresh water to schools and families in rural areas in Cambodia.

Acting with Planet Water Foundation and the Xylem Watermark Program, we traveled to Cambodia to actively particpated to water treatment systems installation for schols and families. The installation consist in watertreatment system (from borehole, or water from river), with safe treated water storage. Water quality is a critical issue in rural areas in Cambodia, because of the lack of sanitation systems and fresh water infrastructure.

We also moved to schools in villages to give access to clean and safe drinking water and handwashing facilities. But also to participate to health and hygiene education program for children in these schools, to show inportance of hygiene and handwashing, and the risk of polluted water.

We are proud to have participated to this human challenge and shared these moments for long-term behaviour changes.  Thank you to our partner Xylem for giving us this opportunity!