We install or help to install your irrigation system on site

Efficient and reliable irrigation solution


An efficient low pressure irrigation system

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installation systèmes d'irrigation soverdi


Customized irrigation systems

We manufacture the irrigation components and equipments necessary to install our systems, and produce tailored parts to fit with your project precise dimensions. Using raw products in steel, aluminium, stainless steel or PE we produce the required components and can repaired or modified your equipments. These building operation can also be realized on site or locally.


Turn key projects and on site installations

We provide all human and technical means in order to lead your irrigation system installation: implementation, connections, equipments tests, control. these actions can be realized by our teams or under our supervision. As each site, or each installation is specific, the connection parts and equipments, manifolds, fittings and equipments are adapted to these specifics requirements are in advance manufactured and prepared in our workshop. We can manufacture and adapt all components for example in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PE, PVC, cast iron. For abroad operations, all pre mounting, adjustments and sizing of the equipments can be realized before shipping.

Our solutions

Pivot / Lateral
Drip irrigation
Automation / Wireless control

For all crop productions

Large fields
Vegetable crop
Landscapes / Sports Fields



SOVERDI regularly works on abroad projects and installations

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